Friday, October 28, 2005

Into my hole I go
Never have I felt so low
Life so complicated
I've never felt less solid
This pain is so strong
I can't hold on for long
I try to distance myself
Before I hurt myself
I cry whenever I see your face
Yet in this crawlspace
I can not live without you
This pain so fresh and new
Everyday it gets harder
To pull back from the dagger
Day by day I grow weak
Life seems so bleak
I look around my new home
Soon it will become my tomb
These walls are closing in
I am dying within

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

This pain is unbearable
I feel so horrible
I wanna crawl into a hole
And lose my soul

My passion is gone
I am withdrawn
Im stuck in my dream
I just wanna scream

Yet you have been there
All through this nightmare
You have waited patiently
Acted so lovingly

Yet until now I haven't realized
What has been waiting to suprise
You have always been there
Wanting to help me repair

I have realized I don't deserve
One so unreserved
You are way to kind
I have lost my mind


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Who knew so little information
Could cause so much frustration
How it could shatter an innocent heart
But thats just the start

This tiny piece of knowledge
Has pushed me to the edge
It has caused me so much pain
It has kept me in the rain

It has caused me so much agony
My mind is outside my body
I cannot stand to be in my life
That is why I resort to a knife

Knowing the truth is the best
But it has caused me unrest
This truth I cannot deny
Even though I try

The truth is I cannot have you
It has been proven true
So I will collect the pieces
And eat my reeses.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

I stand alone in the rain
Waiting, Wishing, Crying
Wanting to relieve this pain
Will my heart ever stop aching
You took my heart without knowing
Its your choice what to do with it
While I stand here dieing
It took me so long to admit
I would die for you
That I would give anything
If only you to prove im true
I have stopped breathing
Just waiting for you to decide
What you will do with my heart
Will you throw it aside
And rip it apart
Or will you hold it dearly
And bring me out of the rain
Will you let me see clearly
And relieve this pain?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I think of all the years
I have been closed-up
Shed all these tears
With this wall builtup

Then you came along
And stole my heart
The wall had been up so long
And you ripped it apart

That wall was taken down
Stone by stone it fell
I thought I was gunna drown
In all these emotions gushing in

They attacked me from all sides
Making me wanna scream, cry
They ripped apart my insides
They made me wanna die

But I kept pushing on
Day by day becoming stronger
Waiting for the dawn
When I would wait no longer