Monday, August 29, 2005

War of Nothing

The unmistakable sound
Of bodies hitting the ground
Genocide through suicide
Heads held high, full of pride
Another 50 dead in the street
Blood gushing from heads to feet
What can we do? Run as fast as we can?
Or should we drop a nuke on Iran?
Nothing we do will ever succeed
Sitting at home, waiting to bleed
It's a crazy situation where no one wins a fight
Blowing the shit out of us is the terrorists delight
They don't even have a worthy cause
They're just fucked up in the head
They never bothered to stop or pause
To think am I better off dead
So what the fuck do they want?
To forever tarnish the name of Islam?
If Allah was real I'm sure he'd be saying
You're in shit now boys it's no use praying
What is it they think they achieve?
In what fucking God do they believe?
Our time on earth is limited
Why waste it all getting dead
I'm not a hippy dancing with flowers
I don't believe in global superpowers
You know something
This is a war of nothing
I don't care if you blow yourself up
As long as your kind is all that dies
If you hate this world why don't you fuck off!
And leave your corpses to the flies
Now I dub thee a cunt
Nothing more than a piece of junk
You consider yourself a fucking martyr
But I know your not because I'm smarter
Ideals changing as fast as the seasons
Killing us all without any reasons
Feeding off our prolonged misery
To you it must feel heavenly
Alas, those assholes are winning the war
Invisible enemies whom we can't ignore
Why did I have to grow up in generation hate
Can I save the world before it's too late?

Happy Ending

now you know im not pretending
there is such thing as a happy ending
dont think it will come now
because it wont anyhow
because this isnt the end
and im not going to pretend
it may not happen to you
because of the things you do
you have cuts all over your skin
and you wont let anyone in
just because you are going through pain
and it seems its happening all over again
this happens to other people too
it doesnt only happen to you
ill tell you what the other people do
they talk to people to help them through
i have no one i hear you say
yes you do so give that thought away
you have me, your parents and the yellow pages
psychiatrists have been there for ages
waiting by the phone for your call
so they can help you through it all
and these people arent pretending
they are hear to help you get your happy ending

Thursday, August 25, 2005


The world, it broke my heart today
When I saw the things that people do and heard the things they say
All of the people who are living on the streets
The babies found in garbage cans, wrapped up in bloody sheets
How could we let our world end up this way?
And I know tomorrow isn't bringing a better day
Our government is so corrupt, we need to take a stand
They keep raising taxes in hopes they will possess our land
So many men and women have died for our country
So we could have equal rights, so that we could live free
So many people have come here hoping to find a better living
But discrimination and poverty is all that America was giving
They came here dreaming of beautiful cities and open meadows
But they were put to harsh labor and made to live in filthy ghettos
And this was so long ago; things have only deteriorated
Society has only gotten worse. Life is so complicated
Gangs are constantly at war with each other
Taking more loved ones from their families and their mother
Drug dealers on every corner selling death and comatose
Addicts concerned with nothing more then getting the next dose
There's no room left in jail, rapists are living in our community
And there's so much more behind the scenes, the things that we don't see
Kids are bringing guns to school, killing each other over religion and race
Teenagers are having babies, or dropping out, this generation has become a disgrace
Drinking and driving, experimenting with pills and cocaine
Anything to have a good time, or stop the anger and the pain
It seems we do anything in our power to cause some controversy
And we're in denial about what we have come to be

My Rising Sun

Rolling off the sunset,
Flowing with the sands.
Living life the fullest,
With emptiness in hands.

Raised upon the promise,
That someone guards my soul.
But after this last hour,
I wonder where to go.

The sun has set upon my face,
And left me in the night.
And in this darkest moment,
He comes and shines so bright.

The weight across my shoulders,
Could crush the average man.
But I contain the one thing,
And with love I withstand.

Always they’re within me,
Never far from sight.
He is what I live for,
He carries me through night.

Nothing that I ever do,
Could equal what he’s done.
All I have is my love for him,
He is my rising sun.

Day By Day

You don't know how I feel
Oblivious to the fact
Never knowing the truth
Everyday I gather courage
One day I will tell you
When I have the guts
I just don't want to confirm
That you'll never love me back
So day by day I gather Courage
Hopefully I will one day tell you
I love you


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Empty Promises

I will forgive but I won't forget
You know you've lost my respect
You better watch out
Cause I'm not a pawn
For you to use in your fucking game
I've got dignity and pride
Your troubled and you let me down
I'm not deaf to all your empty promises