Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Everyday I see all you liars
Acting like you have such a bad life
All of you such accomplished actors
Claiming you actually use a knife

When the time comes for the truth
To finally be known you just lie again
Yet again showing your youth
When you fall, what then?

As your world falls to pieces
And you lose what you lied for
Then come all the dramas
Will you just lie some more?

I was once you then I fell
Lost the one thing I loved
Then finally I heard the bell
Then I finally got shoved

Finally I got a clue about my lies
What are they worth to you
When everything you hold dear dies
And you realize this is true?

I warned you and if you don't listen
I will laugh when you fall
By now you have chosen
If you will listen at all

But remember I was once you
Then it all fell and died
Remember this is true
Hopefully you will abide