Saturday, October 14, 2006


What do you do when your life stands still
Where you can do nothing, no matter how great your will
When you turn around to look way back when
To time when you were happy again

To a time when your cares were far behind
And for you, misfortune was hard to find.
When you could give a sigh of relief
Because the last thing you ever gave thought to was grief

How does it look as you stare down the trail
That was filled with hopes that you’d think never fail
But now you have come to different place
Where happiness is naught but a scarce trace

Has the world turned its back upon you for no reason
Has the world committed an emotional treason
Why would such misfortune befall you so fast
And why wont the new good memories last?

Remember the times between you and I
How does it feel to move on and say bye?
It may be you don’t want to move onward on track
But you’re pushed on by others who wont let you back

Well I am still here, standing right in your sight
And I sure as hell wont stand here and give up the fight
I stood by through worse, and I wont give up now
I’ll fight tooth and nail and hopefully, somehow

I will eventually succeed, but I cant do it myself
I need you to take a firm stand and help
You have to defy what you no isn’t right
And I will agree with you each day and night

For I know that this is matters too much to me
To have it be removed completely, you see
So now is the chance, do you want to keep going
Into new wilderness, without help nor knowing

So now what happens, which way do you choose
Because no matter the choice, somebody will lose
But remember that road with the memories we’ve had
And I always was there, through good and through bad

And now when I need you more now than ever
Our friendship is tearing and soon will be severed
So now that you know that life isn’t going to wait
It wont wait for your lingering fears to abate

It’s going to continue so you must go on
But hopefully you’ll see what’s been there all along
What do you do when all you need is a friend
Well remember I'm here, and I will ‘til the end.