Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Im on the verge of falling
What I will do theres no telling
If you take me away
I will die that day

I won't let you do anymore
I am already so sore
If you even dare to try
I will only sigh
And say this is the day
Im going to make you pay
I will only stare and snicker
As I pull that trigger
No one will be able to stop me
You just wait and see
I will make you bleed
Don't start what you can't lead

Monday, January 16, 2006

Everyday you see me
Not knowing what has come to be
Those of you who know
Seeing I had lost my glow

I act like nothing is wrong
Acting so headstrong
You never see the real me
The one that hates to be

I hide the self that wants to cry
The one that can only deny
That anything is up
All these emotions are going to erupt

Yet I hold it together
I can hardly bear
To go to school
I use it as a rule

Nobody ever sees
When I break my boundries
When I can't hold it back
When I can't keep track

I can't keep it together
My sanity has become looser
I can't keep hold of reality
Im inching towards insanity

Yet sometimes I feel
It'd be easier to deal
If I was surrounded by rubber walls
Stuck in mindless thrall