Saturday, September 24, 2005

How am I to prove to you
That this isn't just a temporary infatuation
That my feelings are true
It took me awhile to make this realization

That'd I do anything for you
Theres no line I would not cross
To prove that im not untrue
Because im at a loss

Why would you believe
That what I say is only temporary
That I can never achieve
This feeling of pure happy

Im willing to wait forever
And do anything and whatever
Until I have you in my arms
And can protect you from harm

Saturday, September 17, 2005

My World

Its kinda lonely here
All by my lonesome self
I just wish someone would appear
and say 'hey can I come in?'
But i can't just invite someone
They'd have to be trustworthy
And my trust isn't easily won
Things like that get people locked up
And i don't want a rubber room
No matter how comfortable it is
To become my lonesome tomb
So i sit silently waiting, anticipating
The day when someone will come
But till then ill be waiting, wishing
And listening to my voice echo
In this hollow darkness
Eating my bowl of jell-o


Monday, September 12, 2005


It is impossible for me to rest,
I hate to have to worry this much,
I can hardly be expected to act my best.
I don't know what will become of you,
What am I to do but sit and wait,
Will you be yourself or be something new?
How am I functioning with all this weight
All these worrys assualt me,
Some my mind makes up as bait.
I never like to feel gloomy,
Its against my original nature
I love to be hyper and active
But I don't know what lies in the future,
I've never felt so much like a captive.
Im trapped by my own worry
Im losing my own stature


Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness
I need to calulate what creates this madness
The urges are getting stronger
Grasping my defense is harder
I need to get away
To keep this at bay
All this sadness
Is fueling my madness
Ill just grab the knife
And settle this strife
One day I'll just let loose
And tighten the noose
Day by day it gets worse
Closer comes my hearse



Watching you, from afar
Trying to reach out to you.
My bloody hands come forward
But you seem some far away
I run after you
You just run away
Into the darkness I fall
Being consumed, by what’s around me
I scream out in total fear
I wallow up in my own self pity,
Because you are just out of my reach,
Because, you’ll never be mine.


I hate the ones that fake their hurting,
They act all emotionally fucked,
They scratch their wrist and say its cut,
Say they’re so screwed up,

But if they actually had a problem,
I know they couldn’t cope,
Maybe I should help them,
Put the slip into the rope,

I could pull the chair out from underneath them,
Or finish their fake little letter,
Maybe I could kill their friends,
Just to teach them better,

They act all misunderstood,
Like they are so hard done by,
They act like no one could,
Be better then them,

But one day they’ll fall,
And they will crash and burn,
They’ll see that they aren’t all,
It’s the only way they’ll learn.